You can never be too careful. That has always been a true statement, but even more so with 13 new scams the FBI is warning Missouri residents about that run the gamut of ways they and their money could be separated by villains.

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The FBI has an entire site dedicated to scams and crimes that every single Missourian should be aware of. Here are 13 specific ways that the bad guys are currently trying to use to deceive Missouri people:

Adoption scams - Of all the ways to deceive people, this is one of the lowest. Many families who have a heart to adopt in Missouri are contacted by what the FBI calls "unethical adoption service providers". They provide guidelines on how to know when you're dealing with a deceptive individual or group.

Business and Investment Fraud - There are current cases where Missouri citizens are being asked to invest their hard-earned funds in schemes. They warn that if something sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

Business Email Fraud - The FBI says that many Missourians are contacted via their business email by a group impersonating an interested party. They only real "interest" is in ripping them off and not doing business with them.

Charity and Disasters - It's common knowledge that Missouri is one of the more charitable states. That's why bad guys try to portray they are contacting individuals (especially the elderly) about someone in need somewhere. They warn to only contribute to known good charitable organizations directly through their local contacts and not by someone who calls or sends an email.

Consumer Fraud - Many people now purchase things online, but buying from an unknown company is how many lose big bucks to criminals.

Elder Fraud - The elderly in Missouri are one of the most common targets as many are not as proficient in regards to technology making them vulnerable to online scams especially.

Election Crimes - Since 2024 is a local and national election year, criminals claiming to represent political parties contact the vulnerable hoping to nab donations. This is currently one of the more common scams in Missouri for obvious reasons.

Holiday Scams - Seasonal scams are a common way Missourians are robbed of their money. Beware of any contacts from individuals you don't know no matter how legitimate they claim they are.

Money Mules - If you're asked to transfer money on behalf of someone else you don't know, it is nearly 100% always an attempt at fraud and illegal activity.

Ransomware - The FBI says that cases where individuals in Missouri are being hit with ransomware on their computers is skyrocketing. Don't click on any email or download links that are unfamiliar to you.

Romance Scams - The FBI says these scams in Missouri can happen over weeks or even months by evil people who portray someone developing a relationship with you with the only intent being to rob you.

Skimming - Beware of any ATM or gas station point of purchase that has an unusual looking credit card slot. If the credit card slot has any loose parts or glue residue, it likely is a skimmer from a criminal trying to steal your bank card information.

Spoofing and Phishing - Never ever put in identification information into a website that you don't know is legitimate. That's how identity theft in Missouri begins.

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