A change of venue was granted Friday in the first degree murder retrial of Curtis Lovelace.

Judge Bob Hardwick granted the defense motion in Adams County Circuit Court. He ruled the case would be moved to Sangamon County and will begin next January 23rd.

Hardwick also ruled that there be no mention during the trial of the Exoneration Project, the group that is defending Lovelace.

In other rulings Friday, Hardwick said that there would be no mention of Cory Lovelace’s bulimia, except by a designated expert witness, and that the defense’s investigation into the phone records of Quincy Police Detective Adam Gibson must end by the end of October, with the records to be returned to Hardwick and destroyed.

Lovelace is accused of killing his first wife, Cory, in February of 2006. His first trial last February ended in a mistrial.