There is apparently a viral TikTok challenge that involves ripping the buttons off of gas pumps. It's possible this has something to do with a security camera video that shows girls allegedly vandalizing pumps at a gas station in Hannibal.

John Brokes IV shared this video on Facebook today showing 3 girls that allegedly damaged The General Store on Mark Twain Avenue in Hannibal.

John's video also included several captures from the camera appearing to show the girls involved and their car. Unfortunately, it's difficult to make out the license plate on the vehicle they drove up in.

This is the photo John shared with us of what happened to the buttons on their pumps.

Photo courtesy of John Brokes IV
Photo courtesy of John Brokes IV
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There are reports that challenges on TikTok over the past several weeks have encouraged everything from school vandalism to actions like this challenging users to remove gas station buttons. In some cases, stations have sought to recover lost revenue from those involved in this prank.

If you have any information about whoever was involved in this act, please contact the Hannibal Police Department.

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