It looks like one of Missouri's most beautiful attractions might also be the least fun to experience.

The Branson Scenic Railroad tops the list of the Most Boring tourist attractions in the World, according to Not just the nation, but the world. Out of the 100 attractions listed, the Branson Scenic Railroad takes the number one spot.

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They concluded by looking at reviews of the experience. See why it's important to get that good reviews done? To create their list, the experts looked at over 66 million Google Reviews of 3,200 tourist attractions. They mainly focused on reviews that tourist mentions border-related words.

With the highest score of 5, The Branson Scenic Railroad takes the number one spot. I've never done this so I can't review this particular attraction, but looking through the website this attraction looks like a ton of fun. You get to take a ride through the Oazraks, have a nice meal, and learn about that particular area of Missout. What's so awful about that? During the holidays they even offer a Polar Express train for the kids.

The Shepard of the Hills

Also in Branson, and on the list at #14, the Shepard of the Hills has over 3,200 bad reviews. Again, I have not visited this so I can't judge, but I am not a person to read bad reviews of an attraction before I go. Whether it's a good place to visit or not I will also try visiting the place before I decide whether it's bad or not.

You have to take reviews with a grain of salt, not everyone has the same opinion as you so my advice. Try it no matter what. You never know, you might fall in love with the attraction.

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