We always talk about the bigger cities in the Show-Me State and Land of Lincoln, but several small towns need to get some love too. Bill on the Road just released a list of some of the best smaller towns in America, and one Missouri and one Illinois town made the list.

It's no surprise that Bill Cleven of Bill on the Road picked Caseyville, Illinois. I mean it's in the Guinness Book of World Records for several large reasons and just a fun place to see a giant mailbox or the largest ketchup bottle.

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Marceline, Missouri

If you can't make it to Disney anytime soon take a trip to Marceline, Missouri home of Walt Disney. After moving to Marceling after leaving Chicago, Walt created some iconic characters while living here. About 90 minutes from the Tri-States you can visit the Disney Museum, see his original drawings, and find out how it all started.

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Casey, Illinois

Welcome to the small town with LARGE structures. Casey is home to the largest ketchup bottle, mailbox, golf tee, and several other structures. It will make you feel tiny compared to these giant sites to see. Located just between Indianapolis and St. Louis this town may be small but giant attractions await you.

So these towns may be small but have historical moments and giant structures to marvel at.

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