Garage sale season is coming, but there is one place that is the largest and longest-run flea market in Missouri and it's right here in the Tri-States.

Welcome to the Rutledge Flea Market, one of the best that I have been to, and love going to when I can. This flea market has everything from jewelry to clothes, to food and sometimes animals, the Rutleagde Flea Market is one of the best. The market covers 80 acres of land with hundreds of vendors which makes it one of the largest in the state of Missouri.

Here are the dates for the 2024 season:

  • April 12 & 13
  • May 10 & 11
  • June 7 & 8
  • July 12 & 13
  • August 9 & 10
  • September 13 & 14
  • October 11 & 12
  • November 1 & 2
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It's so big you can even rent a golf cart to see all the vendors or if you're brave enough make sure you wear the most comfortable shoes you have because you'll need them for all the walking you will be doing.

I remember as a kid going to flea markets and bringing my piggyback with me just in case I saw something. You never know what you will find and I love spending the day at a flea market walking and seeing all the vendors, and with this market so close (just 15 minutes north from Hannibal) it's an easy place to get to. And you can say that you've been to one of the largest and oldest flea markets, for bragging purposes.

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