This might be the most brilliant idea I've seen for how to turn your backyard into a constant fun place. There are multiple ways (including do-it-yourself) to create a miniature golf course in your backyard.

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There are a few ways you can get this done from expensive (but done by a pro) to save some bucks and do-it-yourself. I'll start with the pros. Once I began down this rabbit trail of getting a personal miniature golf course, I found a company that will do it for you called PuttTek.

The official PuttTek website doesn't give one fixed price, but you can request a custom quote. I saw multiple people on the YouTube share ask in the comments about pricing and there's no response, so I'm guessing that means not cheap.

Since I am a dad, cheap is my unofficial middle name. That's why my mini-golf quest led me to an episode of This Old House where they also go through the process of making a miniature golf course, but doing it yourself. They claim you can do it spending around $150 with about 3 hours of building time. That's just one hole, but it's a clever one. They've obviously never seen me try to work a hammer.

There are a few options on Amazon, but frankly most of them aren't impressive. If it were me and I had the cash, I'd get the pros involved. If I were a craftsman, this would be a worthwhile project for improving my (admittedly bad) putting game in my backyard with some wood, carpet and tools.

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