I tend to be naive. When I stop at a motel, I assume everything is fine. I've learned that I am often very very wrong as there are a whopping 404 Wisconsin bed bug reports right now.

If you're planning a vacation or stay-cation in Wisconsin anytime soon, you might want to look at the website Bed Bug Reports. You can do a search for virtually every Wisconsin town to see if motels in that city or town has any recent visitor reports of bed bugs. I was shocked to see this total number current as of this writing in Wisconsin.

Bed Bug Reports
Bed Bug Reports

I decided to look at motels in Madison just for giggles. Since I can't 100% verify that these reports are accurate, I won't keep the hotel info hidden, but here are a couple of incidents reported:

Anonymous - "I stayed at this hotel on ******* for one night. The hotel is very average in terms of cleanliness, room size, staff friendliness, etc. On Monday, I noticed some bites in clusters around my feet and ankles. I was immediately concerned about the possibility of bed bugs."

Anonymous - "We stayed at the ******** ******** ****** prior to UW Madison winter graduation...After checking in our teenage daughters found bedbugs in their bed"

Then there's this one from a motel in Milwaukee:

Anonymous - "Woke up today with about 15 bed bug bites across my ankles and lower legs."

On second thought, maybe don't read the Milwaukee motel reviews if you like to sleep at night.

I found these unfiltered visitor incidents very helpful in determining potential trouble spots at Wisconsin motels. If it's any consolation, it appears Wisconsin places to stay have less problems with bed bugs overall compared to other states.

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