This might sound a bit odd to say, but I really could not care less what guys like me think. Seriously, I have an opinion just like everyone else, but what I consider to be the best of anything truly does not matter. This is an example of what I think does matter. Thousands of travelers were asked what the best hotel chain is and their top choice has dozens of locations in Missouri.

This is an interesting survey shared this year by NerdWallet. The ratings of which hotel chain is best included fees, pet policies, value, rewards, etc. The breakdown of the best is detailed and puts Choice Hotels at the top of the vacation sleepover food chain.

It's hard to determine how many Choice Hotels are in Missouri considering they have many hotel/motel brands under their umbrella. There are at least 21 Comfort Inns in Missouri and that's a conservative count.

Comfort Inn in Branson, Missouri.
Google Maps Street View

I can't remember the last time my family was able to take a real vacation where we had to stay overnight somewhere. It was probably the last time we moved years ago. All I can say is that when you end up in a miserable place, it can ruin your family travel trip. I'm happy to hear that so many travelers in Missouri seem to be having great experiences at these many hotel/motel choices.

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