It's no secret that this is a historic year for the cicada broods especially in Missouri and Illinois. One St. Louis yard shared more video proof of what it's like when 1,000,000 cicadas suddenly decide they want to take over your property.

The video description just dropped on the net today explains all you need to know about what went down in the St. Louis area:

"Plethora of cicadas in Wildwood, Missouri. Sounds will be off the hook."

That is accurate.

The cicada apocalypse began in Missouri in St. Louis County about 3 weeks ago.

The good news (unless you love these pests) is that the Missouri Department of Conservation says the brood invasion seems to be peaking right about now and should start to decline soon.

The other good news is you'll get another 13 to 17 year break as these Missouri cicada outbursts are "periodic".

Until then, better get used to these invaders as many Missouri yards have become very loud with cicada screams. If you'd like to turn lemons into lemonade, there are even some tasty cicada recipes being passed around Missouri if you're truly brave (and perhaps desperate). As for me, I'll take a hard pass as those who aren't cicada fans like me wait another 3 or 4 weeks when these broods recede.

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