Move over Pokemon, Hannibal treasure seekers have moved into rockier territory.

The “Hannibal Rocks” Facebook group is growing by the hour and inspiring residents to go about town in search of painted rocks, often with positive or uplifting messages written on them.

The simple game has rallied fans of all ages to hunt out the customized stones placed strategically throughout town by fellow rock hunters. Upon finding the one-of-a-kind treasures, hunters are encouraged to share their discoveries to the Facebook group before re-hiding the rock (or replacing it with one of their own).

The project, known as “Love Rocks” originated in Jefferson City, Missouri by resident Charity Blair. The original “JC ROCKS” Facebook group has surpassed 10,000 members and spawned a series of similar projects throughout the Midwest—including, now, Hannibal.

“I have been inspired by the JC ROCKS movement in Jefferson City, so I thought why not try to spread a little peace, love, and joy in Hannibal,” group founder Terra Wizorek Murphy of Hannibal says in the group’s description.

As of this writing, the Hannibal Facebook group has just over 350 members. Similar projects have sprouted up in Monroe County, Palmyra, and Shelby County.

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