Perhaps I should take up rock hunting. If what a Missouri rockhound recently found is typical, I have found a new hobby. She came across loads of gorgeous amethysts near an old Missouri mine.

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This fun Missouri rockhound YouTube channel did not divulge the exact location or which mine they were allowed to troll, but they did include this status with their video share:

I go into an old mine to hunt for the rare Missouri amethyst. Now once in these old mind tailings, I start turning up Amethyst. You'll notice, where I'm pulling the amethyst out, it's real rich red clay. Now the amethyst you'll turn up in Missouri, is all going to be small little drusy like clusters. In fact most amethyst pieces, don't like to get long or pointy at all. You'll notice the small prismatic growth laid out like little window panes.

I have no idea about those rock details, but I do know these are very nice amethysts considering they're just laying visible on the ground.

They mentioned that the amethyst they found can go from the very light lavender color to almost black violets including some rare reds. Nice.

Rockhound Resource has some guides if you'd like to go searching for pretty rocks in Missouri yourself. Their map shows there are better places in the state than others, but whatever old mine this person was near was obviously a great place to start. Now to find a rock hammer and some rock gloves.

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