If you were a squirrel that built a nest in a tree directly over where a mini-swarm of earthquakes happened near New Madrid, Missouri Monday morning, I doubt you would have felt them. However, a curious mini-swarm along the fault area of southern Missouri have been confirmed by the USGS.

It was an interesting start to the week in the New Madrid Seismic Zone as the USGS has confirmed two quakes so far. The first was a 2.3 magnitude quake south/southwest of Charleston, Missouri followed by a 2.2 quake that happened very near New Madrid, Missouri itself.


Neither of these earthquakes was large enough to feel and, in fact, no one reported to the USGS that they were felt as of this writing. The reason I share is this continues a curious trend I've noticed over the past 30 days where more and more quakes caused by the New Madrid Seismic Zone are centered closer to New Madrid, Missouri itself. This is what the map looks like for the past month near New Madrid, Missouri.

Again, this is nothing to be alarmed about at all, but it's always a good idea to watch trends along the New Madrid Fault to see if there are any indications of activity that could infer a bigger quake is imminent.

As of today, I would not sell my earthly belongings believing the end is near and the New Madrid Seismic Zone is about to ruin our day (and weeks). But, quake activity is becoming more interesting and bears watching for sure.


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Gallery Credit: EarthquakeSim via YouTube

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