I've done some rock hunting in Missouri in my time, but I've never found anything like this. It's a massive quartz crystal cluster that came out of the ground in the Show Me State.

Jay Drone (real name?) shared this epic quartz crystal cluster find on his YouTube channel. It's apparently part of a collection from another YouTube person who's channel is called Dig Dig Dig. (best rock hunting YouTube name ever)

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After viewers got their jaws off the floor, the question about how much it's worth came up in the comments:

Vincent - "Bro I have to ask how much is a chunk of quartz like that worth? Ballpark at best"

The estimate given by Jay Drone was anywhere from around $100 to maybe several hundred depending on how much the potential buyer likes crystal quartz clusters and is willing to pay a collector for one.

Is it possible you could run into one of these if you search in Missouri? Sure. Rockhound Resource lists 7 different areas in Missouri where different gemstones can be found. Geodes are findable near Kahoka and along different streams in extreme northeastern Missouri.

This quartz crystal cluster is among the largest I've ever seen though. Quite a conversation starter on a mantle if you can run into one in the wild.

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