Hannibal 42 Fulton 0
Pirates QB Dalton Powell and the Hannibal offense answered that question Friday night on their first offensive play…

Hannibal led 28-0 at the quarter break and they ran up 351 rushing yards in cruising to a 42-0 win in Fulton.  After comeback wins in the first two weeks against QND and QHS, the Pirates have turned in three consecutive fast starts. Getting a lead is important when November football comes around. The degree of difficulty increases from here. Moberly comes in to Porter Stadium next week at 5-1. They are currently fourth in the district standings just behind Helias.  St. Dominic currently holds the #2 seed. A Spartan win would likely reshuffle the top of the Class 4 District 6 standings considerably.

Missouri 21 Central Florida 16
It wasn’t pretty, but it was a win and a win on the road for Missouri.  UCF is actually a pretty decent team.  Never mind that the casual college football fan sees UCF in the ESPN Bottom Line crawl and says “Who?”  Mizzou survived their best shot at their place.  Next up is Vanderbilt at Faurot next Saturday evening.  Vandy is good enough to be a problem if the Tigers aren’t ready to play at 6 p-m Saturday. And thinking ahead to next week is not a good idea down in Boone County either.

Joe Robbins
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Definitely NOT Ready
The Kansas City Chiefs. Sunday was awful.
The margin for error is very thin in the NFL. For the third time this season, the Chiefs looked horrible for the first quarter and a half.  The dropped passes and volume and location of the turnovers indicates to me a lack of concentration and attention to detail on the part of the offense in particular. Something has to be done about the slow starts. A large part of the problem is the offensive line. Injuries are part of the problem.  Depth on the o-line is another problem. The result are hurried throws and interceptions and fumbles. The shallow thinkers are automatically and (for the most part) wrongly blaming Matt Cassel. No QB is going to look good when he’s running for his life. Lenny Dawson and Joe Montana are in trouble when the blocking is this shaky.  Note that one of Sunday’s interceptions went right through the hands of a wide open Dexter McCluster.

The one saving grace for the ’12 Chiefs is membership in the AFC West. Someone is going to wind up with the division title.  San Diego is 3-1 but the Chargers are getting old and the NFL season is long. The Chargers are also using Chief rejects Jackie Battle and LaRon McClain at running back.   Denver is 2-2.  Peyton Manning is the key. Denver has a chance, so long as Manning can stay on the field. The rest of the roster is more suspect than anything. Oakland is also 1-3. The Raiders are, well, the Raiders.  The Chiefs still have a good chance at this thing if they start playing hard, aggressive  and smart football beginning with the opening kickoff instead of from some random point in the second quarter.