Every state raves that their food is the best of the best, but one website claims they found what each state LOVES the most.

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Bestlifeonline.com claims to have found each state's favorite food items. Some are snacks, others or toppings (for hot dogs and sandwiches) and others are fast food places. However, when it came to Illinois' must-have food item I was a bit questionable. The websites claimed relish as the must-have food item every Illinoian loves, uh not this one.

anyone who's gotten a hot dog at world-famous Portillo's knows that relish is an essential topping. Mustard, tomato, pickles, and peppers play key roles, too, of course, but it's the relish that ties everything together—and the thing you're bound to find in the fridges of locals.

However, I do have relish in my fridge for my husband but it's not my go-to topping. I can understand with the Chicago Hot dog and Portillo's using it as the main ingredient for toppings but to say EVERY Illinoian must have, that I'm not too sure of.

Missouri's must have food burnt ends for BBQ. This is probably made popular with Kansas City BBQ so I am not surprised that this is a must-have food item, and let's be honest a delicious one at that.

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