NFL football has been a fixture in Missouri since the Chicago Cardinals moved to St. Louis in 1960.  The American Football League came to Kansas City for the 1963 season when the Dallas Texans moved. The Big Red left St. Louis following the 1987 season but the Rams moved in during 1995.

I grew up watching the St. Louis football Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs on Sundays starting in the late 60's. Here are my picks as the best NFL players we've seen in Missouri.

NOTE: I left some players off because of their limited time in Missouri. Specifically, Aeneas Williams of the Rams and Joe Montana and Willie Roaf of the Chiefs.  All three had outstanding seasons in Missouri, but they played the vast majority of their careers elsewhere.

Here's my All Missouri All Pro Team..


Len Dawson Kansas City Chiefs

Jim Hart  St Louis Cardinals

Trent Green Kansas City Chiefs.


Marshall Faulk  St Louis Rams

Ottis Anderson St Louis Cardinals.

Steven Jackson St Louis Rams

Priest Holmes  Kansas City Chiefs


Christian Okoye Kansas City Chiefs

Jim Otis  St. Louis Cardinals.


Tony Gonzalez  Kansas City Chiefs (12 years in KC)

Jackie Smith St Louis Cardinals, (HOF) Five time All Pro (15 years in STL)


Isaac Bruce  St Louis Rams

Roy Green  St. Louis Cardinals,

Pat Tilley  St. Louis Cardinals.


Tory Holt  Rams,

Mel Gray St Louis Cardinals

Otis Taylor  Kansas City Chiefs

Eddie Kennison Kansas City Chiefs & St. Louis Rams

LEFT TACKLE--LT Orlando Pace,  St Louis Rams, Jim Tyrer  Kansas City Chiefs

LEFT GUARD--Will Shields  Kansas City Chiefs,   Bob Young  St. Louis Cardinals

CENTER--Casey Wiegmann  Kansas City Chiefs, Bob DeMarco  St Louis Cardinals.

RIGHT GUARD--Brian Waters Kansas City Chiefs Ed Budde Kansas City Chiefs

RIGHT TACKLE--Dan Dierdorf St Louis Cardinals (HOF) Ernie McMillian St. Louis Cardinals

KICKER--K  Jan Stenerud Kansas City Chiefs(HOF) Jim Bakken St Louis Cardinals(HOF)

PUNTER--Punter Jerrell Wilson, Chiefs..

RETURN SPECIALIST-- Dante Hall  Kansas City Chiefs , Terry Metcalf  St Louis Cardinals,

LEFT DEFENSIVE END-- Art Still Kansas City Chiefs

DEFENSIVE TACKLE-- Curley Culp  Kansas City Chiefs  Dan Saleamua  Kansas City Chiefs

DEFENSIVE TACKLE-- Buck Buchanan  Kansas City Chiefs, Bob Rowe  St. Louis Cardinals

RIGHT DEFENSIVE END-- Neil Smith  Kansas City Chiefs, , Curtis Greer St Louis Cardinals

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER-- Bobby Bell Kansas City Chiefs KC  (HOF) Jim Lynch Kansas City Chiefs

MIDDLE LINEBACKER-- MLB  Willie Lanier Kansas City Chiefs (HOF)  Dale Meinert  St. Louis Cardinals

OUTSIDE LINEBACKER-- Derrick Thomas KC  (HOF) Larry Stallings  St Louis Cardinals

CORNERBACK-- Emmitt Thomas KC (HOF) Albert Lewis  Kansas City Chiefs

STRONG SAFETY-- Jerry Stovall St Louis Cardinals

FREE SAFETY-- Larry Wilson  St Louis Cardinals (HOF) Deron Cherry  Kansas City Chiefs

CORNERBACK-- Roger Wehrli Cardinals (HOF) Dale Carter Kansas City Chiefs