It's been said the most important educational years of your life are spent in elementary school as that's the foundation of everything. That's why it's quite an honor for the Missouri elementary schools that were just named the 50 best in the state.

There aren't many rankings more respected than those from US News and World Report. There are several things I like about their methodology. First of all, it's not based on national standards or any other states. It's just Missouri elementary schools. Schools were rated based on the percentage of students who are above average in math, science and language arts plus they included what they call the "context of socioeconomic demographics".

NOTE: This ranking from US News and World Report only includes public schools and not private.

Here are the new top 50 best elementary schools in Missouri from their ranking:

What's interesting to me is there are at least two Missouri elementary schools in the top 50 named Mark Twain. I attended Mark Twain Elementary in Hannibal back in the 1970's. My elementary school sadly did not make the list. Hoping the judges did not hold my attendance there against them.

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