I heard some complaints about the field conditions at Soldier Field following Sunday’s downpour.  

Some Bears fans I know were whining about the mud.  I’m one significant step closer to having heard everything with that one.  And the Bears won the game too.   Fans of a Charter member of the NFL's Black and Blue Division known officially as the NFC North complaining about mud? Much of the history of the Bears, Packers and Lions has played out in mud over the decades.  The Vikings got soft when they moved indoors. So did the Lions.  Football is meant to be played outdoors and on grass.

Anyone voting for Notre Dame on their Top 25 college football ballot before the end of baseball season needs to lose their voting privileges. They’re not paying attention.  This is 2013, not 1988.

The lack of Missouri-Kansas football and basketball games annoys me. These programs need to be playing football and basketball every year.  Play the football game on Labor Day weekend at Arrowhead Stadium.  The basketball game Schedule the basketball game on Thanksgiving weekend.

Soft non conference Division I basketball schedules annoy me.  Missouri needs to play the neighbors more. Schedule Saint Louis, schedule Missouri State. Head over to Wichita and play the Shockers. Home and home contracts too. Go on the road and take their best shot. Seems to me that is good preparation for tournament time in March.

Final Four predictions in November annoy me.  Change the word prediction to wild guess and I’ll stop being annoyed.  A lot of college basketball teams have the physical talent to get there.  Very few teams will put the parts together correctly and we’re not going to know who they are until mid to late January at the earliest.

Baseball trade rumors annoy me too. But that’s an entire upcoming rant in itself.