The Governor of Illinois has spoken out on this massive issue facing the Chicagoland area, and I have to agree with the Governor's sentiments.

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According to an article from, the Governor of Illinois JB Pritzker has made an official statement on the possibility that the Chicago Bears would be moving out of Chicago to build a new home in the suburbs. In the article, the governor says that he is a Chicago Bears fan and that a move out of the Windy City would be "disappointing" and I agree it would be disappointing....BUT it is the right move for the Chicago Bears to make. Let me explain.

First and foremost, there are plenty of teams now in the NFL that don't technically play in their cities, the Giants & Jets are New York teams playing in a stadium in New Jersey, the Dallas Cowboys DONT PLAY IN DALLAS, plus the Patriots are 30 plus miles from Boston, the Rams & Chargers are not in Los Angeles their stadium is in Inglewood, and finally the 49ers play over 40 miles from San Fransico. So yes technically the Bears would be in Arlington Heights but that isn't nearly as far as some of the above examples.

Secondly, this deal fell into their laps. The Bears could get max another 15 years out of the renovated Soldier Field before having to make more renovations and their relationship with the city of Chicago that owns Soldier Field, has gotten increasingly worse, not all the city's fault, relationships are a two-way street. BUT the Bears aren't just moving to stick it to Chicago and the Mayor, no one would have predicted pre-pandemic that the massive 320 plus acre Arlington Racetrack would be up for sale, but it went up for sale and that fell into the laps of the Bears as a great opportunity to finally build something they could own as an organization.

So yes it is disappointing to see the Bears leave downtown Chicago, Chicago is the greatest city in the world, in my opinion, I was born there, lived there for years, I love that city and that team with all my heart. But the Bears have stunk for my whole 31 years of being alive, at least it would be nice to see them stink for the next 31 years of my life in a gorgeous new stadium that hosts Super Bowls, Final Fours, Mega Concerts, and maybe even an Olympics.

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