The Chicago Bears are officially on the clock with the NFL Draft two months away, so what do they NEED to do with the number 1 pick?

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Watch the video above for my full explanation (Hi, I'm Mark Hespen the host of On The Mark which is KHMO's Sports Talk Show). But if you don't want to watch the video let me explain it to you...

The Bears must make sure they evaluate prospects like Caleb Williams as if they DON'T have the number one overall pick, why? Because they need to know if they would trade up for those prospects. If the Bears evaluate Caleb Williams the USC QB and decide after doing interviews and watching all the tape that they would trade up for him, then they should just draft him, because they have the luxury to do that.

If the Bears interview Williams, watch all the tape, talk to people who know him, and decide they would NOT trade up for him, then you trade the number one overall pick for as much as you can get. You try to get a package similar to or better than the one they got from the Panthers last year, and you build around Justin Fields.

If you want the full explanation (I'm a better speaker than a writer...) watch the video above. If you still disagree with me then hit me up on X (aka Twitter) @MarkHespen and let me know what you think the Bears should do with the number one pick.

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