The Kansas City Chiefs have locked up the number 1 seed in the AFC Playoffs but their road to the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay could be tougher than last years.

Let me start this by saying I firmly believe the Kansas City Chiefs are the team to beat and should be the favorites going into the playoffs to win the Super Bowl and repeat. BUT I do feel this years road to the Super Bowl could be harder than last years.

There are 2 teams that would cause me some concern if I were the Kansas City Chiefs, If I am a Chiefs fan I am not worried at all about the Steelers, Titans, Browns, Dolphins, or the Colts. But the Bills and Ravens on the other hand should be taken seriously.

The Ravens are playing right now with as much confidence as they had last year when they were the #1 seed only they are playing WITHOUT the pressure of being the favorites. Lamar Jackson is back to his MVP form and has a seriously underdog mentality which definitely works in their favor. Plus the running game from JK Dobbins to go with the Ravens pass rush, they are not to be taken lightly.

The Bills should lock up the #2 seed this weekend with a win at home over their division rival Miami. And Josh Allen has been the best QB in the league over the past 4 weeks plus, his numbers are incredible but the confidence he plays with is the scary part. He has the best or second best arm in the league with Mahomes, and plays in bad weather Buffalo so that wont effect them in KC. The Bills defense has been playing better down the stretch but is still a weakness for them. They can score with KC but can they slow KC down, we will have to wait and see.

Again I'm picking the Chiefs to win the AFC and the Super Bowl, BUT I do think this years Ravens and Bills teams are tougher matchups for the Chiefs then any of the teams they faced in the playoffs last year, and honestly the Bills may be tougher then any NFC team the Chiefs would play in the Super Bowl.

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