It began with a simple question that has a complicated answer. Are there alligators in Missouri? The answer is yes, but also no. I'll attempt to explain with a flashback to a real alligator encounter that happened in Missouri as recently as last summer.

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Untamed Animals has a fun discussion asking "Are There Alligators in Missouri"? The short answer is sometimes which reminded me of the Wildwood, Missouri incident last summer. (NOTE: make sure your sound is turned up as the gator play-by-play is super entertaining)

No, alligators are not native to Missouri. They are a creature that needs really warm weather and lots of water to float on. The problem is it actually is legal to have an alligator as a pet in Missouri which leads to situations like this.

This Missouri man was clearing limbs when he heard a dozen bullfrogs suddenly jump in the creek behind him and then he heard a large splash that sounded like a big tail. He could hardly believe when he looked and saw the tail was connected to an alligator.

It's interesting that you only have to register your alligator for it to be legal in Missouri and that's only if it's longer than 8 feet long. That means it's very possible there are unknown 7 feet alligators in Missouri we don't know about. (*shudder*)

We already have to deal with Water Moccasins near streams and creeks. While it's not likely, you now have to include alligators as at least a possibility in Missouri.

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