Many have claimed they've seen a mysterious large black cat in Missouri while authorities say that's not possible. Yet, the sightings continue including one yesterday that swears they just saw another black panther in Missouri.

Surely, something must be going on involving a large non-domestic big cat in Missouri. This report on the Missouri sub-Reddit on Friday, June 28, 2024 is just another eyewitness claiming this big predator IS in Missouri no matter what the authorities say.

Giant Panther like cat?
byu/Drenlo inmissouri

Is it possible that black panthers could be in Missouri after all?

The Missouri Department of Conservation maintains that mountain lions and black panthers are not native to Missouri, but they do acknowledge that many mountain lions have been seen in the state and even maintain a database of confirmed mountain lion sightings. The most recent was in February of this year.

Over the years, I've learned where there is this much "smoke", there must also be some "fire", too. With so many claiming they've seen a mysterious black big cat, surely there has to be at least a handful that are true.

What we need now is someone to capture video and/or photos that can be assessed by authorities to make it official that this big cat roams the state of Missouri...somewhere.

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