Well, this is an event that is almost certain to get your adrenaline going. A Missouri family shared a harrowing video of the moment they realized their window was full of a hungry bear who was having his way with their bird feeders and interested on what was going on inside the home, too.

I just came across two video shorts shared by Christina Ransom on YouTube. Based on the video description, this happened at Christina's mother's home near Bruner, Missouri.

If you're not familiar with Bruner, Missouri, it's a small community that's in a heavily-wooded area near Springfield. This is definitely bear country, but it's not often you see one of these curious animals standing in your window sill.

The second video shared by Christina looks very similar to the first.

US Fish and Wildlife recommend if you know you live in bear country, bird feeders are maybe something you might want to consider taking down. Just like Yogi Bear in the cartoons, real bears have a voracious appetite and when they know your home is a reliable food source, they will return and that rarely ends well for the bear if it gets comfortable around humans thinking they will have food available for them.

This is a very active time of year for bears as there was also a young black bear in St. Louis County this past week.

If you live in Missouri and especially the southern half of the state, more video proof that you need to always be bear aware.

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