It's not always safe to walk through some St. Louis County, Missouri neighborhoods on a normal day. Now, it's even slightly less safe as multiple videos show a baby bear is currently touring this part of the Show Me State.

Great catch by Fox 2 out of St. Louis who just shared multiple videos shared with them from several St. Louis County, Missouri neighborhoods revealing a young bear who's apparently touring the area.

Cute bear, right? When they say that the Missouri Department of Conservation is advising to leave the bear alone, they're correct and it's very important that the public abides by this demand.

As the US Forest and Wildlife Service will tell you, if you see a baby bear, there's a mama bear that can't be that far behind. There are few things in nature more terrifying than a mother bear who thinks her young one is in danger.

I'm not certain what efforts are being done by the Missouri Department of Conservation, but I sure hope they locate this bear soon and relocate him/her back to the wilds before we have another bear/traffic incident. It sadly doesn't end well for the bear more often than not. This little furry explorer needs to be back in the woods where he/she can resume doing bear things and not being near humans.

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