Testimony is underway in the first degree murder trial of Curtis Lovelace.

In opening statements...Special Prosecutor Ed Parkinson says Cory Lovelace was suffocated in bed by another--possibly during the evening of February 13, 2006.. several hours before police and emergency responders arrived. The defense team of Jay Elmore and Jeff Page say the truth rests in the testimony of the Lovelace children who say their mother was alive on the morning of February 14th before they were taken to school. The defense said in opening statements that Cory Lovelace brought clothing to one of the children as they were getting ready for school and that she was interacting with the children that morning. Jurors heard Wednesday morning from Adams County State's Attorney Jon Barnard...Cory Lovelace's mother Martha Didriksen...Doug Vandermaiden of the Quincy Police Department and paramedics Bill Ballard and Cole Miller about the events of the morning of February 14 of 2006... the state of Cory Lovelace's body and the scene in the bedroom as police and EMT's were on scene. Martha Didriksen also testified about a relationship with Curtis Lovelace that was at times friendly and at at other times contentious. Didriksen also said that while she knew her daughter was drinking--at times heavily due to knee pain in the fall of 2005-- she never saw her drunk and that she was a stay at home mom involved in church and other activities in addition to raising her children.

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