The Illinois Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a motion by the Adams County State's Attorney's office to reverse a judge's ruling in a recent sexual assault case.

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Last October, Adams County Circuit Judge Robert Adrian originally found Drew Clinton guilty of one count of criminal sexual assault in a bench trial.

Then, at the sentencing hearing in January, Adrian reversed his decision, saying that the time Clinton had served in the County Jail was punishment enough.

The case gained international attention, and prompted the State's Attorney's office to file a motion with the state Supreme Court to issue a supervisory order, reinstating the conviction.

The high court Wednesday denied the order, stating that, "the double jeopardy clause prohibits further prosecution, even where an acquittal is based upon an egregiously erroneous foundation."

In a press release, the State's Attorney's office expressed disappointment at the decision, saying, "The decision of the trial judge and the comments he made at sentencing were incredibly insensitive and not supported by the evidence."

When he reversed the conviction, Judge Adrian criticized the parents who hosted the pool party where the assault allegedly took place, for allowing minors to drink and to swim in only their underwear.

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