I understand that many people over the past few years have decided that Illinois is not their cup of tea. I get it. However, I am in a state of shock at the state that they leave the Land of Lincoln for the most. In just one year, more than 35,000 Illinoisans decided to depart for the wackiest state in America.

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There's a fascinating new breakdown of the states that people in Illinois move to the most from 24/7 Wall St. It's not some bloggers opinion, but the raw numbers of people that have packed up the moving truck and left Illinois for someplace else.

The state at #1 for the new home of Illinoisans may be clinically insane. More on that in a second.

What state do Illinois people move to the most?

Answer - Florida

In the most recent year with complete numbers (2022), they say 35,262 Illinois residents moved to Florida.

Do all of these Illinoisans know that The Smoking Gun website is practically full of weird things that happen in Florida. Here are some recent examples with their real headlines:

I could list 50, but I'll spare you the scrolling. My point is that I understand many Illinoisans choose to retire to the (sometimes) warmer weather in Florida, but more than 35,000?

This is a real poodle in Florida. Seriously.

Illinois may not be everyone's favorite place, but Florida is off-the-wall strange.

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Gallery Credit: Alex Wolking with Keller Williams ONEChicago, Realtor.com

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