Spring cleaning is coming and as you go through your home getting rid of stuff there are a few things that your local Goodwill Stores will not accept.

I love spring cleaning. It's a way to start fresh with a new season, clean the house, and get rid of some items you haven't used in months. I like to think of it as a restart for the spring and summer. If you are thinking about donating those items you no longer need, know what items are allowed and what aren't when making that donation. Some are common sense, but there might be a few on the list that you thought about donating and can't.

17 Items Missouri Goodwill Stores Do Not Accept

Gallery Credit: Samantha Barnes

Other than that you are good to go when donating items to the Goodwill. The store accepts most household items, clothing, linens, shoes, accessories, home goods, and kitchenware. If you're unsure about what they take you can always to learn more.

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One of the things I do is do both the garage sale and the donation. You could make some money off of your items before you donate them. Garage sales are exhausting, but could get you some cash. Whatever I don't sell I donate and I feel good about donating items that I do not need anymore.


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