Hannibal Police say a check Wednesday of sixteen convenience stores, grocery stores and restaurants resulted in no arrests for sale of alcoholic beverages to underage customers. A similar check a month ago at ten establishments also resulted in no arrests.
Businesses checked Wednesday were:

    Abel’s                        100 Shinn Lane                     
    Aldi                            4419 McMasters                    
    Ayerco                       304 Highway 61 S                 
    Ayerco                       4121 Market                           
    Casey’s                     3827 Rt MM                           
    Casey’s                     4215 McMasters                    
    Cassano’s                 2860 James Rd                     
    County Market          202 Steamboad Bend            
    Dollar General          216 Huck Finn SC                 
    Gabriella’s                374 Huck Finn SC                 
    Gran Rio                  206 Steamboat Bend             
    Mi Mexico                 3650 Stardust                         
    Pick-A-Dilly              1910 Market                           
    Pizza Hut                  4839 McMasters                    
    ThoroMart                2000 Highway 61 S               
    Walgreens               455 Highway 61 S   

These compliance checks are part of an ongoing effort to reduce availability of alcoholic beverages to minors.