Crash statistics for the city of Quincy show fewer accidents in November than one year ago; but year to date totals are higher.

Quincy Police worked 83 accidents in November, compared to 95 in November 2013.  Year-to-date crashes in Quincy total 1086, that’s 27 more than last year.  The most frequent accident location was 12th and Broadway, with 4 crashes in November.  Thirteenth and Broadway was second on the list, with 3.

Four crashes were classified as DUI accidents in November 2014, compared to 1 in November 2013.  The number of arrests for Driving Under the Influence is on a par with last year:  police arrested 15 drivers in November for DUI compared to 16 last year.

Total DUI arrests year-to-date in 2014 comes in at 107 compared to 109 in 2013.