I don't think I'm telling you something you don't know when I say that a penny is normally worth one cent. But, did you know that it's possible to find certain pennies in circulation in Missouri that could be worth 5 figures (or more)?

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This rare Missouri penny possibility is a brand new bulletin from Go Banking Rates. Think this is a fictional snipe hunt? Guess again. Yahoo reported that one of these pennies sold last January for $60,000. It was a 1909 Lincoln red penny.

What is a Lincoln red penny and why is it possible to find it in Missouri?

If you check your pockets, you'll likely find pennies that look brown, but there are some that are more reddish like this one.


Estimates are that there are more than 140 billion pennies currently in situation which means that likely 2 billion are in circulation in Missouri.

What should you look for to see if a penny you have is super-valuable?

The Go Banking Rates story says you should look for the initials “VDB,” which stands for Victor David Brenner, a famous sculptor, engraver and medalist". These red pennies are among the most rare and that's what the one that sold for 60 grand had on it last January.

Even if you don't have a penny worth 5 figures, there are many old red pennies that will easily sell for hundreds of dollars which isn't bad for something that normally only counts for one cent.

Time to check the couch cushions and cup holder in the vehicle.

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