There's a brand new list of the wealthiest people in the world and Missouri has a new (sort of) number one richest person. This guy is so wealthy, he could afford to buy 3 billion candy bars and that's even allowing for inflation on chocolate.

Forbes just issued their new 2024 list of the richest individuals in each state. Their choice for Missouri is a curious one and I have questions. Previously, the richest person in Missouri was a member of the Cargill family. Not so much anymore (allegedly). The new number one is one of my favorite sporting goods people - Johnny Morris of Bass Pro Shops fame in Springfield, Missouri.

Johnny Morris, according to Forbes updated list, is now worth a staggering $9 billion dollars. I had to write that out to try and grasp the number:


That is beyond my ability to count. To put this in perspective in a way someone like me could understand, Johnny Morris could buy 3 billion candy bars that as of right now average around $3 per bar. Stunning.

This is meaningful to me as I can no longer afford to buy the party size of M&M's for my kids very often as they cost around $12 per bag. It's a candy travesty. For Johnny Morris of Springfield, Missouri, no big deal. He could buy 750,000,000 of those, too.

This is one case where I'm happy for the richest guy in Missouri. Johnny gives much of his money away to help preserve that nature we all love in Missouri. He seems like a good guy and if he needs a new best friend, I'm happy to volunteer.

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