Having too much money can complicate your life. Just ask the residents of Missouri's richest small town where everyone makes way more than 200 grand. Cha-ching.

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I've driven by this Missouri place a few times, but have never driven through it that I can remember. That's probably because all of the neighborhoods and homes in this tiny Missouri town are guarded by very large guard dogs and henchmen. That might be a slight exaggeration, but the homes there are very nice.

This is Missouri's richest small town.
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What is Missouri's richest small town?

Fortunately for all of us, this wasn't figured out by my math. It comes from a brand new article that just went live today from Go Banking Rates. They say that Missouri's richest small town is...(*drum roll*)...Town and Country.

Get this. According to the numbers, the least amount of income (Yes, LEAST) in Town and Country, Missouri is $211,250. If this were Gilligan's Island, Town and Country would be Mr. and Mrs. Howell III.

Town and Country, Missouri is a lovely part of the St. Louis area really. It's like the entire part of that area is one big luxurious country club and that's meant as a compliment. Tons of trees, beautiful homes and rich rich people. What's not to love? Wikipedia says there are only just over 11,000 that call Town and Country home which definitely qualifies it as a "small town". Lots of private schools there, too. A small wealthy town of the rich and famous.

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