I appreciate nature, but I must admit that sometimes it freaks me out. This is a perfect example. I have now scene a Missouri hummingbird moth and I believe it's both beautiful and more than a tiny bit terrifying.

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I'll attempt to explain my newest insect phobia. I just saw this interesting hummingbird moth moment shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit page.

The US Forest Service describes the hummingbird moth as "one of the most delightful insect visitors to your garden is the hummingbird moth". Sure. OK. Whatever you say. No mention of them potentially pecking my eyes out which is good.

Good ole Farmer's Almanac says nothing to fear. Hummingbird moths are helpful creatures that have wings that can beat up to 70 times per second. Impressive. Here's another fun fact that they mentioned. This is the same moth featured in the movie "Silence of the Lambs". Ah, kidney beans and hummingbird moths.

See what I mean? Missouri's hummingbird moths. Beautiful and...terrifying. It puts the lotion on...

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