It's been one of the more popular snacks for Missouri kids for years yet there's now a major outcry after numerous were discovered to have high levels of heavy metals that have been connected to bone and kidney disease.

There are many reports of outrage after Consumer Reports tested dozens of snacks that are commonly included in Missouri school lunches. Both USA Today and CNN are reporting that several variations of Lunchables were found to have alarming levels of cadmium and lead.

The World Health Organization says that cadmium especially has been linked to increased cases of kidney and bone disease and cancer.

Kraft Heinz who make Lunchables argue that all of their products are below government standards for cadmium and lead and are safe according to USA Today.

There is additional level for concern. CNN is reporting that there are two variations of Lunchables that are made especially for schools and those had higher levels of cadmium and lead than even the products available to the general public. That has lead to Consumer Reports asking the USDA to have these removed from school menus in Missouri and other states. It doesn't appear that the USDA will remove these Lunchables snacks from schools anytime soon as they have responded that they don't deal with individual products, but only the ingredient limits they can contain. As long as the Lunchables are below those limits, they will not act.

It will be interesting to see if Missouri school districts decide to act on their own to remove these snacks from the lunch options.

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