We've always known that if the world ever enters a worst-case nuclear attack scenario that Missouri would be one of the first places hit. However, it was believed there were only 2 or 3 likely targets for an attack. A newly-updated FEMA map suddenly shows there are now dozens of Missouri places in grave danger if an enemy were ever to make our worst dreams come true.

This was shared on the Air Force sub-Reddit not that long ago. It's the most recent map created by FEMA showing the nuclear targets in America that would be priorities for enemy nukes. The triangles represent first-strike nuke targets in a 500 missile attack scenario while the black dots show places expected to be impacted by a 2,000 missile barrage.

Map published by FEMA showing potential US nuclear targets in 2,000 and 500 warhead scenarios. Cannon isn’t on the map!
by inAirForce

Let's zoom in on Missouri where you can see many places previously believed to be untouchable that are now included as targets an enemy would go after.


We have known for decades that Whiteman Air Force Base and Fort Leonard Wood would be likely first-strike nuclear targets because of the stealth bomber presence at Whiteman and the US Army at Fort Leonard Wood, but why targets now in the Missouri bootheel and in north-central Missouri near US 36? 

Springfield, Missouri now appears as a first-strike target in a "limited" 500 missile strategy which is shocking to me. Let's face it. No place in Missouri or America would be a great place to be if everyone's nightmare comes true, but the fact that Missouri would be canvased with missiles is something new to digest. Let's hope it remains in the realm of made-for-TV movies and never reality.

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Gallery Credit: Atlas Survival Shelters via YouTube

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