For some people, socks are a serious business. Don't believe me? There's one Missouri man who has filed a lawsuit against Bass Pro Shops over...socks.

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WPXI is the first place I saw reporting that a class action lawsuit has been filed by Kent Slaughter in Missouri against Bass Pro Shops. I believe the story was also shared by The Springfield News-Leader. Kent alleges that Bass Pro Shops is selling "Redhead Lifetime Guarantee All- Purpose Wool Socks" and represented a lifetime warranty. Now, they report that the store replaces socks gone wrong with a different pair that only have a 60-day warranty. How dare they.

I'm not passing judgment here in this sock debacle, but I did find a video showing a Bass Pro Shops guy bragging about this sock having a lifetime warranty.

Never lose a sock again. A guarantee or empty sock promise? I guess a jury will decide.

The Springfield News-Leader reported that Bass Pro Shops doesn't comment on lawsuits and Kent Slaughter had nothing to say in response to the story either. I will add one final thing. These Redhead socks look really epic and I've never used that adjective about socks before ever in my life.

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