My family was thrilled to become Missouri homeowners again this year. It's easy to forget that there are certain vital things you need to do to prepare a house for the winter months and one in particular can help you avoid big trouble.

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My wife has already started my winter to-do list for our house in Missouri. Weather-stripping doors and windows is high on the list, but honestly that is something that will not doom our home even if I forget. There is one thing though that is vital and I'm already making a note on my phone.

How cold does it get in Missouri during the winter months?

The National Weather Service says that you can expect at least a few days every year in Missouri when the temperature will get below zero. That makes this winter preparation item and absolute must. Thanks to a colleague of mine in New Jersey for the reminder.

What is this absolute must do thing for Missouri homes prior to winter?

You must turn off your outside faucets or run the risk of having pipes break during the winter. I found many plumbing websites including one that said "water expands up to 10% more in volume when it freezes...the pipe can be subjected to pressure of about 3000psi, causing it to break or burst". That equals big plumbing bill for a fix.

It's one of those many Missouri homeowner pre-winter things you must do or face the consequences. It's worth the time and trouble to avoid way bigger trouble once Missouri winter gets super-cold.

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