Back in 2019, the FBI put together a list of the most dangerous cities in America, and out of 65 cities, the number one city is located in Missouri.

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This is a pre-pandemic list put together from 2019 numbers back in that year over 16,000 people were murdered in this country. Data was collected from cities that are greater than 100,000 residents and that is what determined the list. This is no list that any city wants to be on and Missouri has two cities on the list.

#8 Kansas City

The FBI reported in 2019 that the murder rate in Kansas City is 29.88 per 100,000. Which made KC number 8 on the list. What really surprises me is that KC is so high on this list. Yes, I don't live there but I always see St. Louis and Chicago on the news talking about murders, especially on a holiday weekend. Not that crime doesn't happen in KC but was a little surprised by these numbers.

#1 St. Louis

Back in 2019, St. Louis had the highest murder rate of any major American City that year. With an average of 64.56 murders per 100,000 residents. To be honest, not surprised about STL being number one it just seems more and more murders are coming from St. Louis.

Don't think Illinois didn't make the list cause it did.

#28 Chicago

The murder rate in Chicago is 18.26 per 100,000. The only thing that surprises me about Chicago being on the list is that it's not in the top three. I would've thought it would easily have been number one, or in the top three.

#15 Peoria

The murder rate in Peoria is 22.53 per 100,000. Peoria seems to be growing in population and in crime but doesn't come close to St. Louis and their numbers.

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