I would never want to tangle with a bald eagle. That would not end well for me. If you doubt how tough these symbols of America are, you should see a bald eagle that was struck by a car in Missouri, but he's doing just fine. The car? Not so much.

The Missouri Department of Conservation shared this impressive picture on their official Facebook page of a bald eagle that was rescued in rural Warren County. They say that Warren County Agent Ashton Crance was alerted about this bald eagle in distress in a field. It had a broken wing after they believe it was hit by a vehicle while trying to feed off of a roadkill possum.

This is one Missouri eagle story that appears like it will have a happy ending as they believe this majestic bird will make a full recovery and return to the skies where he belongs soon.

If you don't believe me about how tough eagles are, the Avion Report says eagle talons can deploy a pressure of up to 1,000 psi. Ouch. Eagles are the Chuck Norris of birds. Seriously. Glad this big boy is gonna survive his vehicle impact and get back to doing Missouri eagle things soon.

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