I drive up and down Highway 61 in Missouri nearly every single day of my life. I recently saw a large nest near LaGrange and looked at my wife who saw it, too. It wasn't squirrels up in that tree either.

I'm not going to give an exact location because I don't want anyone messing around with these creatures, but if you've seen a nest near LaGrange, Missouri that looks like this one, you won't find fuzzy tails of squirrels up in that tree (at least not ones that are alive).


No, there aren't squirrels in that Missouri tree. That is the nest of an eagle couple and I can prove it with a comment that was shared on a Missouri Department of Conservation Facebook post. One of the comments on this post mentioned the eagle's nest near LaGrange, Missouri.

Just so you're aware in case you don't know, it's a federal crime to mess with eagles or their nests. They're not nested right next to Highway 61, but probably a couple hundred yards in a tree on the east side of the highway.

I mention this because it proves once again what a special part of America we live in. These majestic national symbols travel up and down the Mississippi hunting for fish and sometimes will make a nest like the one near LaGrange. It's not common, but not unheard of either.

Don't be unsafe driving and pay attention to the road, but next time you're cruising down Highway 61 near LaGrange, Missouri, peek off to the trees in the east and see if you can spot the big ball of sticks and leaves. That's America's bird living there.

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