You would be wise to keep an eye on the Missouri and Illinois skies Thursday especially during the afternoon hours as both states are facing the threat of strong storms and severe hail.

The NOAA Storm Prediction Center issued an advisory today (Tuesday, March 12, 2024) regarding the expected development of severe storms throughout the Midwest and especially in Missouri and Illinois. Their new map shows a majority of both states in the risk area for storm development.

NOAA Storm Prediction Center
NOAA Storm Prediction Center

The NOAA forecast specifically talks about supercells developing in Missouri and Illinois "capable of all severe hazards, including tornadoes, strong gusts, and very large hail".

If this storm system develops as expected, you can also expect high wind gusts to be a part of Thursday afternoon weather.

The severity of these storms moving through Missouri and Illinois will depend on the surface low early Thursday morning and how it moves and develops as the day goes on. This new risk advisory doesn't necessarily means that severe storms will happen only that the development is possible.

This advisory is just fair warning to pay attention to Missouri and Illinois weather forecasts closer to Thursday and any severe weather warnings that may happen as a result of these storms.

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