The old and overused phrase "size doesn't matter" is apparently in a way you might not expect. There's a new declaration of the best place to live in Missouri and it's an unexpected city with a population of just over 15,000.

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Yes, the internet thinks it knows what's best again. In this case, it's 24/7 Wall St naming "Every State's Best City to Live In". I'll tell you right now it's not Kansas City, Branson, Springfield, St. Louis or any of the typical choices when it comes to lists like this. Nope, not Columbia either.

What does the internet now think is Missouri's "Best City to Live In"?

The answer surprised me and might shock you, too. They say it's Fort Leonard Wood. Didn't expect that, did ya?

The reasons they used to decide Fort Leonard Wood is as good as it gets in Missouri are...interesting. Median household income is just above the state average, but the part that truly made me laugh was they said that 66% of the population there "has access to exercise opportunities". Hilarious. It's called the Army beckoning you from your bunk at 4am and making you run. 

I love our military families and those who serve and I'm not laughing at them. I think if the truth is known, they would probably laugh at all the Fort Leonard Wood "exercise opportunities", too.

Congratulations to Fort Leonard Wood for finally making one of the internet's best of lists. I'm guessing they'll be as surprised as I was.

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