There are no lack of stomach and intestinal bugs that can make you sick, but one specific parasite has wreaked so much havoc it caused many hospitalizations across the nation and especially in Illinois.

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This is one of those words I don't even try to pronounce correctly. The CDC helped me spell it though. It's Cyclosporiasis. They define it as a tiny, but nasty bug saying:

a parasite composed of one cell, too small to be seen without a microscope. This parasite causes an intestinal infection called cyclosporiasis

Look at the case map and you'll see why Illinois has had so many problems with this bug.

Infographic, CDC
Infographic, CDC

The total number of illnesses caused by the parasite (so far) is 2,272 and that includes a staggering 186 hospitalizations.

The good news is that CDC closed the cases on this parasite late in 2023, but the bad news is they've already opened what they call a "yellow book" for 2024.

I keep waiting for the CDC to offer an "all clear" for Cyclosporiasis, but they seem to be keeping a watchful eye on potential 2024 outbreaks. The good news is that while there have been hospitalizations, no deaths have been reported. By spreading the word on what to watch out for, let's help keep it that way.

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