The past few years have been challenging for restaurants, but there are several chains that seem to be flourishing. When it comes to Missouri and Illinois, one of the fastest-growing joints is full of chicken and specifically chicken fingers.

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I will admit that I don't get out and about as much as most people, but I have never heard of this place. The topic came up when 24/7 Wall St listed the number of locations of what has been described as the fastest-growing chicken places in America. It's Raising Cane's. Their specialty is chicken fingers and they sell lots and lots of them.

How many Raising Cane's are in Missouri and Illinois?

There are 29 in Illinois and 21 in Missouri.

According to the report, the majority are clustered in the Chicago and St. Louis area and very few are in lower population areas away from the metros. That's understandable and the likely reason why people like me have never heard of them.

Investopedia says that Raising Cane's is the 6th fastest-growing food chain in America which is surprising. They say this:

It's the fastest growing chain focused on chicken, with sales growth of 22.5% with almost 500 locations.

They started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1996 and have expanded quickly ever since.

Raising Canes via YouTube
Raising Canes via YouTube

Next time you're in the big cities like St. Louis and/or Chicago, keep an eye open for the red chicken fingers sign and know you're seeing one of the fastest expanding chains in the country.

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