It's not easy making changes in your life even if they're for the better. One of those important moments was just captured of a lady who had worked for a Walmart in Illinois for 10 years saying her final goodbye.

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What a sweet story just shared by NBC Chicago of how Gail Lewis said goodbye to her coworkers she said had become family to her. Millions have watched and liked this video since it was first shared.

It may seem trivial for some to leave a retail job like Walmart, but as someone who worked at the old Hannibal K-Mart for a few years, I can verify what Gail said is true. Your coworkers do become family and I still have maintained contact with the old K-Mart crowd for years.

Sure, better jobs than regular retail come along for some and people move on with their lives. I think it's awesome that Gail Lewis is not just clocking in her last two weeks then hitting the highway. Appreciating where you've been is a big part of valuing where you're going, too.

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