At the beginning of December, when we were hit with all sorts of weird warm weather, we asked if there was any hope of a white Christmas, and polled our listeners on how much snow they would prefer to have on Christmas Day.  The choices and results were:

  • None. I want to wear shorts. 13.33%
  • That little bit of frost in the morning? That's enough. 0%
  • A dusting, with nice little flurries throughout the day. 6.67%
  • Enough to blanket the ground. 26.67%
  • Enough to go sledding. 20%
  • A blizzard! Let's get snowed in! 33.33%

Yep. Blizzard won. We were pretty surprised, too.

Of course, when Christmas got here we didn't get any of those. What we did end up with would be more accurately described as "a little bit of snow leftover." Does that still count for a white Christmas?

Whether it was technically a white one, or not, we hope everyone had a merry Christmas. One more holiday to go within the next week, then we're off and running into 2013!