Much if not all of Missouri will likely be preoccupied with the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, but parts of the state will also now be facing what could be bands of heavy snow according to forecasters.

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I saw this graphic shared by the National Weather Service out of Springfield, Missouri on Facebook Sunday morning.

If you're unable to see the smaller print from their Facebook post, what they're talking about is a winter storm system that will begin to make its way through the southern part of Missouri. It likely won't be widespread, but there will possibly be bands of snow inside of that system which will drop inches of snow perhaps heavy at times.

The National Weather Service in St. Louis added more details on what this winter storm will involve.

National Weather Service, St. Louis
National Weather Service, St. Louis

While the system will likely begin to affect western Missouri late Sunday night, it will be Monday morning when the impact will most likely be felt. They show one tiny area between Springfield and Lebanon, Missouri that could see between 6 and 8 inches of snow. Most areas in southern Missouri will only see a dusting, but big heavy snow will occur in isolated areas.

The other key takeaway is the path of this storm is very uncertain right now and could go more north than expected. If you happen to live in a part of Missouri that right now appears to be on the edge of the storm, watch out. You could wake up to quite a surprise Monday morning.

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